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Tabariskiu km.,
Kauno raj.,
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   Danplastas makes speciality of production fiberglass nacelles for windmills. The nacelles consists of smaller components: tops, bottoms, roofs, evacuation doors, RCC components and kind of others. The assortiment of components for windmills produced by Danplastas increases every year.
   The further development of activity is directed to fiberglass production for other kinds of industry: boats, cars, trains, etc.
   The company use composites for fibreglass production -  glass textures, unsaturated polymeric resins, polymeric covers (resistant to environment impact). Glass textures are layed in some layers and impregnated by resins in special moulds. The production isn’t ever painted as colours are set by gelcoats.
   The production is being made using high quality and matching anti-pollution standards raw materials and modern technologies.